The State of GNP

February 5th, 2009

I think now would be a good time to let all of you folks know what is going on with GNP, and what our plans are for 2009.  We'll start with the most important thing, the music.

Like everyone is aware, our third full-length album, III, is due out shortly (and already available via pre-order w/ DRM-free MP3s), but if things work out like we plan, this won't be the only album released by GNP in 2009. 

In addition to III, we are planning to release a 5 to 7 song EP, titled Guitarded.   It will be all new recordings of some of our favorite songs, but played as a live band, with no keyboard, no v-drums and no backing tracks.  Imagine a Metal/Punk band swallowing GNP and the resulting ear-splitting it would produce.  We've already mapped out two of the songs, "Sunday, Sunday" & "Doin' Tha Butt", with Aaron on the mic, Brian on bass and Kenney on drums.  We will also have some guest guitarists on a few tracks, so this should be a fun little disc for those who aren't just into digital hardcore.

We're not stopping there, as we are also planning on releasing a remix LP, titled Re-MMIX, which will be remixes of songs from our first three albums, and maybe even some of the songs that were produced back in the really early days (2000-2004).  No idea how many songs will be on it in the end, or even which songs, but should be a crazy re-interpretation of classic GNP material.

Lastly, we're planning on another LP!  Currently untitled, we've already got drums and backing tracks written for about 15-20 songs.  This is still really rough, and will likely not come until the end of the year, but from what we have so far, it looks promising.

So that's FOUR albums in 2009!  On top of all of this, we plan to do some touring this summer.  Ultimately, we'd like to hit both coasts and a swing through the Great Lakes, but nothing is set in stone.  As always, we'll keep you all posted once we get shows booked.

Let's blow shit up in 2009!

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