007 373 5963 hits the street on November 21st

October 26th, 2009

Yes folks, it's slow in the making, but we've wrapped up our second album of 2009, "007 373 5963". "007 373 5963" is a collection of video game cover songs.  We covered some of the best music from games that we grew up on.  You want a track list?  Well you got one:

1. At Doom's Gate (DOOM)
2. Rad Racer – Theme (Rad Racer)
3. Ikari's Theme (Ikari Warriors)
4. Megaman II – Flashman (Megaman II)
5. FF7 – Fighting (Final Fantasy VII)
6. Vampire Killer (Castlevania)
7. Punch Out!! (Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!)
8. Fester's Quest – Boss Battle (Fester's Quest)
9. Wizards & Warriors – Theme (Wizards & Warriors)

 This will be a free download, likely available via BitTorrent.  We'll post more details as we get closer!

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