Happy MMX!

January 2nd, 2010

It's the new year, and here's a few house-cleaning notes:

First off we've been featured on the 5th and final version of the TC Electropunk compilation series, aptly titled TCEP5.  The track we included was the previously unreleased "Tickle Me Panzer".  We've played this song live a few times, but the version on the comp is an updated version and kicks some serious ass (if you don't mind us tooting our own collective horn). Check it out.

In other release news, we were going to release Re-MMIX in December, but we started adding more and more mixes, and decided it was best to add these new mixes that we had began, so Re-MMIX (which might be renamed Re-MMX) will likely be released sometime in January.

On the gig front, we've got our 6th annual birthday bash scheduled for Friday February 5th at Ground Zero in Minneapolis.  We're still lining up acts to play with, but we will announce those as soon as we get some confirmations.

Lastly, the comment bug seems to have fixed itself, and comments are now working.  Damn I love it when computer shit works out like that!

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