Music, lyrics and a guest appearance

July 16th, 2008

After weeks of fiddling, and a potentially devastating hard drive crash*, we've finally finalized the instrumental portions on the 18 CD-worthy tracks. We decided to review all of our songs, and make sure we were 100% happy with everything.  While this took a few weeks, and the number of changes were small, it will hopefully result in a product that blows everyone's mind.

Now we've moved on to vocals and lyrics.  In the past 2 weeks we've written the lyrics to two songs, changed the vocals for one existing song (Earth Will Win) and got vocals recorded for one (more on that later).  We just have six songs left to write vocals for (Baboon Gang Rape, The Combo's 808, Harder Than Your Mom, Not Lacking Any Meat (KHP) and Killscreen) and the vocal recording should go fast.

The one song we've completed the vocal recording on is "Meatloaf Was My OBGYN".  For this song, we've brought in a guest vocalist, OBCT keyboardist and former member of GNP, Xiv.  We pounded this out one evening, and it is fricken TIGHT.

* – Our main server hard drive, the one that contained ALL of the recorded material and project files, was lost in a hard drive crash.  Thankfully, we already had a weekly off-site backup system in place, so most everything was saved, but we had had two studio sessions in between the last backup and the crash.  Luckily, I had recently started the habit of backing up our material to a local drive as well, so absolutely no progress was lost, between the two backups.  Thanks SyncBack !

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