One left and it’s on

September 22nd, 2008

Yes, it's true, we're down to one song to finish recording vocals on, and then we will begin our brief final mixing and mastering stage.  If things work as planned, we'll have the record done around the end of the month.  Then we have to get things printed and then they will be available for purchase!  They will likely be available on-line, prior to our official CD release show, through CDBaby and eventually iTunes and all of the iTunes-like clones.

Aside from the album being almost done, we've also got a ton of other stuff in the works.  First off we've completed the video shoot for our entry in this year's Grain Belt Premium Commercial Contest. The commercial was shot by camera guru Keith Langsdorf and was directed by Amanda Oeschle.  Once Keith is done editing the final cut of the commercial, we'll post it up here!

In addition to this, we just placed an order for new GNP T-Shirts!  The shirts feature the letters "GNP" in a shield, reminiscent of the old school NHL logo (not the fancy new one with the gradients and Web 2.0 look).  So sit tight as we will soon have some new GNP swag for sale at our shows. 

Lastly, we are working with a few guys to produce some new and all-original GNP music videos.  We'll give y'all more information once it's available.

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